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* Styling


Diversity is the foundation of Jut & Jul. “We strongly believe that you are the creator of your own success. We strive for positivity, accuracy and quality in everything we do. We stand out by our pronounced identity. In that we have found each other. We are both exactly who we are, regardless of outside impulses. We always remind each other how perfectly imperfect we are. ” - Jut & Jul

* Apparel - Why be Ordinary?

Why be "ordinary" when you can be "extra-ordinary"? And this also applies to the clothes you wear, of course.

“We firmly believe that you are what you wear. Life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself! ” - Jut & Jul.


The garments are one of a kind. You can wear them in two ways. There is no print on the outside, but on the inside of all products the quote 'A bit of extra a day keeps the ordinary away' is printed: “The garments are specially made for people who, for a particular occasion or function (must) be dressed modestly and want to be more extravagant at the next occasion or in the evening. They can then simply turn their clothing around and show more of their sparkling personality. ” - Jut & Jul. Furthermore, the idea behind the line is  that when the t-shirt is worn with the print on the inside, the text is located and worn on the heart and only the knowledge that it is there can give someone the right dose of “extra” for the day.


We want to present a collection that represents us and that includes humorous product names. These items can be worn by he/she/them in their own way. There really is something for everyone!


* Apparel - The extra to your ordinary


The quote printed on the garments has two meanings: We both believe that you are what you wear. Are you having a bad day? Then a cheerful piece of clothing can change your mood. In addition, it literally states what best friends can mean for each other. If one feels “ordinary”, the other can say or do just the right thing to give you back your sparkle so you feel extra ordinary again.


With this collection, Jut & Jul hope to give other bffs the chance to celebrate their friendship, from a far during these exceeding times, or yet next to each other: “During this period we have come to realize that we actually show too little of how much we value our friendship. Whether it's your mom, your cousin, or your highschool friend. We all have that one person you feel so connected to. This line is a celebration to friendship. ” - Jut & Jul.

*Apparel - The Always To Your Forever

Of course, Jut & Jul had to add just that little bit of “extra” to the “ordinary” and launch a special Valentine's day collection. The clothing line consist of hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts in the appropriate colours "Roses Are Red", "Whipped Cream and Strawberries" and "Valentine Pink".


The quote “The always to your forever" is based on a tattoo that the two best friends got about three years ago; a little anchor on their index finger. “Even though we are both happily in love, our friendship is fundamental to both of us and that will never change. Even though the other may be miles away and the years fly by, we remain each other's anchor points: at all times, for always and forever.” - Jut & Jul