Be Extra-Ordinary

Why be "ordinary" when you can be "extra-ordinary"? And this also applies to the clothes you wear, of course. “We firmly believe that you are what you wear. Life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself! ” - Jut & Jul.


The garments are one of a kind. You can wear them in two ways. There is no print on the outside, but on the inside of all products the quote 'A bit of extra a day keeps the ordinary away' is printed: “The garments are specially made for people who, for a particular occasion or function (must) be dressed modestly and want to be more extravagant at the next occasion or in the evening. They can then simply turn their clothing around and show more of their sparkling personality. ” - Jut & Jul.

Furthermore, the idea behind the line is  that when the t-shirt is worn with the print on the inside, the text is located and worn on the heart and only the knowledge that it is there can give someone the right dose of “extra” for the day.


We want to present a collection that represents us and that includes humorous product names. These items can be worn by he/she/them in their own way. There really is something for everyone!


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